Welcome to FMS Tech Squad - Where Technology is Contagious!

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MOUSE Squad Goals
  1. Integrate technology into all subject areas for students and teachers to promote Project Based Personalized Collaborative Instruction.

Create documents individually and as a collaborative group.
Create a variety of presentations (Power Point, Prezi, Glogster) using different tech tools.
Create movies using a variety of tech tools and equipment.
Create websites to display student and teacher work.
Field test, evaluate, and offer feedback for educational games and apps.
Run a variety of gaming tournaments.
Enter technology contests.
Design a technology rich Student Lounge for campus and in the community.
Write technology grant proposals.
*Design a program to certify students, teachers, staff, and parents in Cybersafety.
Create art using a variety of tech tools and sell the products online.
Complete all Mouse Squad Modules.
Join a global community like the Flat Classroom to improve the world.
Videoconference with interesting people around the globe.
Design a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) school policy for mobile devices for all students and staff.
Design a program to improve fitness using technology.
Design a tutoring/mentoring program using technology.
Design a program to learn foreign languages using technology.
Use technology to promote career awareness.
Use technology to promote college and/or vocational school goals for every student.
Design games.
Design a program to promote social networking for learning and project collaboration.
Create a MOUSE Squad program K-12 at FUSD.

2.Learn to work with hardware/software, design, and troubleshoot problems to prepare for careers in technology.
*Required by the county to match funding for MOUSE Squad for FUSD.

Mouse Squad Modules - Hurry, GET Certified!

Module 1
Preparing for a Help Desk
Module 2
Problem Solving
Module 3
User Errors
Module 4
Wired and Wireless
Module 5
OS and Desktop
Module 6
Hardware and Peripherals
Module 7
Programs to Get the Job Done
Module 8
Cracking the Case
Module 9
The Mobile Solution
Module 10
Talented and Trusted Technician